Critical Studies: Collage Illustration artists, designers and craftsperson's

Sara Fanelli

Sara Fanelli is one of the most admired artists working in children’s book illustration today.

Originally from Florence, Italy. Sara studied at Camberwell School of Art and the Royal College of Art in London.

She developed an interest in collage because she felt painting looked flat and dull.

When Fanelli makes a collage illustration she starts with a drawing of the composition (layout). Once this is completed she adds bits of interesting old sweet wrappers and papers.


Lily Ching said...

I love how Sara Fanelli used especially old sweet wrappers and papers to use, making a collage, it was surprising as she didn't like doing paintings, as i love this collage gives you a sweet and colorful feeling.

Anonymous said...

Lauren Moss said:
i love the bright colours she used and the uniqueness of the painting. i like the way she put spiders legs hanging out of a trash can.

Nuria Ali said...

I think that it's strange but unique. I like how she's used different shapes to make it look 3D and i love how it has rusty colours but also bright colours.

Isabella Henney said...

I think that Sara's artwork is very original and you can see that by the way she creates objects that you probably would never see.

Chloe Lees said...

I like Sara Fanelli's work is very origional and used a collage in a very different way that i would imagine one to be like.

Roisin Rooney said...

I like Sara Fanelli's work because it shows alot of detail with the words on the images.

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