Critical Studies: Identity artists, designers and craftsperson's

Peter Davies

Contemporary artist Peter Davies believes that a person’s taste can represent his or her identity.

As part of his Art, Peter Davies uses lists and charts to create large scale canvases filled with bright colours and imperfect patterns.

He then fills these charts and patterns with the names of his friends, colleagues, and art heroes and their artworks.

Usually these are all listed from Numbers One through to One Hundred with the friend or artist at Number One being the person who at that point in Davies’ mind is seen to be the most important.


Anonymous said...

lauren moss said:
i think peter davies has made a brilliant piece of art work. i enjoyed making my own 50 person top list, but it was hard to choose a place to put people.

Chantelle Murray said...

I think this piece of art work is just silly, anyone could do it. I don't think it takes much talent to do!

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