What will I be learning in Art & Design?

This unit will give you the opportunity to explore, investigate and learn about portraiture. You will be looking at the proportions of the face in detail, recording the faces unique structure and features using observational drawing techniques and a range of art materials including pencil and watercolour. You will be asked to research artists, designers and craftsperson’s, who use the human body as inspiration when creating their own artwork. You will then use these visual investigations to help you to transform your own artwork into an individual self-portrait which draws on your investigations into observational drawing and your critical studies. You will also be expected to evaluate your own and other class members progress through this unit making constructive comments on each others work using specific art and design vocabulary.
From this unit you will develop the following skills in Art and Design.

Explore     You will be use a variety of artistic approaches in order to develop your ideas for your final piece. You may also be able to select information and resources from your observational and critical studies in order to develop your final self-portrait.

Investigate    You will be able to investigate and develop a range of practical skills using the qualities of materials decisively to suit your design intentions. You may also be able to manipulate the qualities of materials and formal elements in order to produce your individual final self-portrait.

Analyse    You will be able to compare and comment on different ideas, methods and approaches used by artists, craftsperson’s and designers, making specific comments about the environment in which the artwork was made.

Evaluate    You will be able to discuss your own work and that of others and consider how you may adapt and refine your ideas, skills and processes. Giving my own opinion on the artworks purpose and meaning.

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